New Season in League of Legends

After some months of pre-season, last tuesday was the beginning of the new season of League of Legends. The super popular game developed by Riot Games, inspired by some ideas by Warcraft, is going to start its 8th season.

Lots of improvements are in this new season and also a lot of new ways to make our champions legendary.


Personally speaking, as a speedrunner, I haven’t spent too many hours playing this game but I have a clar goal for this 2018. I’m going to reach gold in ranked mode. For this I’m going to use two different accounts (One in english and one in Spanish) and I’m going to try really hard to accomplish that goal. Another challenge to place on the list.

Indeed the last tuesday, with the beginning of the new season, I made the first video with a level 1 account. The starts are always hard but I hope it will be interesting for you guys to watch. See you soon.

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