New minion farming record in League of Legends

During the last week there was an impressive League of Legends match that lasted more than 94 minutes. Yes, you have read it right. I can’t imagine how hard could it be to play for more than 94 minutes with all the tension, the team fights and the risks for getting the glory of being the winner.

This has happened in the Korean League. Two teams, SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings have delivered one of the best matches ever. They did a world record with the longest official match ever played with 94 minutes but also one of the competitors, Teddy, scored an impressive record of minions killed with an amount 1465. I guess that Sivir had a great night.


It will be a match that hardly will be surpassed, at least in the near future, but what we really know is that Faker won’t be happy as he was defeated in the worst moment so his team, SK Telecom T1, lost against Jin Air Green Wings in an unforgetable match. League of Legends is still alive and apparently will continue delivering in this new season.

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