AGDQ 2018 is over :(

Last week was one of the biggest highlights for the speedrunning community. An event  like AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) brings a whole community together for the best of the causes: Prevent Cancer Foundation. This year they have beaten their 2017’s record with a total amount of 2,262,698.19 dollars. An impressive amount of money which for sure will be really helpful.

This event can’t be forgotten and we are all waiting for the Summer event (SGDQ: Summer Games Done Quick). It will take place in Minnesota from June 24th to July 1st in Bloomington. It is the fourth time in a row they do this marathon over there, as some years ago it was located in Denver.


Year after year the speedrunning community keeps growing. A great marathon that mantains everyone interested in such a hobby. The games that are speedrun grow like seeds but also the chances of watching them on platforms like Twitch or Youtube.

Anyway, AGDQ 2018 is over and we can’t wait for June, (first time they do an event at that time) so until then, let’s enjoy learning some of the strats we saw on the show.

3 thoughts on “AGDQ 2018 is over :(

    1. Thank you buddy. In my opinion there were some nice surprises. i loved for example the secret of evermore one and the Super Mario World no cape, no starworld race. Those were amazing. ❤ Thanks for commenting


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